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RTA Statement in relation to the Supply of Clay and Concrete Roof Tiles

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We are writing to communicate the situation in relation to the supply of clay and concrete roof tiles by members of the Roof Tile Association during the Covid-19 Pandemic. We are conscious that lead times have become longer for some products which may impact on building schedules for certain customers. We would however like to reassure the market the roof tile industry has the capacity to serve current demand, and is working at full steam to supply as much product as possible under the challenging circumstances we all find ourselves in.

As with the majority of UK businesses, at the outset of the first Covid-19 lockdown in Spring 2020, RTA members took the difficult but necessary decision to furlough employees and suspend production. The loss of production time from the end of March 2020 could unfortunately not be recovered. In addition, since the resumption of production, there have been occasions where production has been temporarily curtailed due to cases of Covid-19 or requirements of employees to self-isolate.

Despite this, members have been working hard to manufacture as much product as possible to fulfil demand from customers and catch up where possible.

The roof tile industry is seasonal and, over the winter months manufacture exceeds demand. Consequently, it is anticipated that this will result in reducing lead times.

Demand for RTA member roof tiles is strong, and we would encourage developers, contractors and specifiers to engage with the manufacturers early in the project lifecycle, to ensure their specific requirements are met. That is particularly the case where requirements to satisfy planning permissions or preferences need to be met.  The earlier the specification and scheduling process begins the smoother the process will be.

In summary, the roof tile industry is catching up after a significant period of disrupted production. The underlying capacity is strong and normal supply will soon be resumed.

Alex Patrick-Smith, Chairman, Roof Tile Association

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