Quality Control

The typical expected service life clay and concrete roof tiles is between 30 and 60 years, but it is common knowledge within the industry that the life span of a roof tile can extend up to 100 years. Improvements in material specification and quality control in the manufacturing process can only be effective if proper maintenance of the completed roof is carried out after installation. To ensure this, manufacturers provide guidance on what to look for. The following inspection check list highlights the areas that should be monitored:

    • Missing, damaged or chipped tiles
    • Deterioration, creep or cracking of metal-lined valleys or fibre-glass valley troughs
    • Loose, broken or missing roof, ridge, hip and verge tiles
    • Disturbed metal flashings and cracked or dislodged mortar bedding
    • Eaves, gutters and guttering joints clear of debris
    • Excessive moss growth affecting the drainage channels and joints of tiles

Members of the Roof Tile Association adhere to stringent health and safety, environment and quality standards which may include: EN 9001; BS EN 14001; BS OHSAS 18001 and certified by a UKAS approved body, and also carry out regular testing of products to assure compliance to BS EN1304 or BS EN 490.