• Glen Lodge
  • Glen Lodge
  • Glen Lodge

Self Build House, Scotland

  • Project Glen Lodge, Stirlingshire
  • Sector Self Build
  • Location Scotland
  • Tile Product Clay Interlocking Tile
  • RTA Member Sandtoft
  • Glen Lodge
  • Glen Lodge
  • Glen Lodge


For the build of his modern three bedroomed home, Alan Milliken, originally specified real slate roof tiles to fit in with the style and locality of the building. However, a common problem with real slate is that the tiles loosen over time, so regular maintenance is required. In his search for a low maintenance roofing option that would also offer cost and time savings, Alan came across Wienerberger and Rivius roof tiles.


Rivius slate effect tiles are so authentic-looking that the planners and local authorities gave their agreement for Alan to use the product within a historically slate area. This is a fantastic achievement that demonstrates the authentic look, beauty and quality of the Rivius product.

Made from alluvial clay with a tough ceramic finish, Rivius tiles are produced in a mould with a slate imprint, which gives it a natural look. Its large-format interlocking design can be installed easily and quickly as there is an absence of tough rivets and no need to drill or grade, as with original slate products.


Speaking about his project, Alan Milliken said: “I had originally wanted to use real slate to roof the project. However, after considering the benefits of Rivius and talking to the experts at Wienerberger, I was confident that this was the best option for Glen Lodge. The whole project has been designed perfectly to suit our needs, and this was also the case with Rivius – as we knew we wouldn’t have to deal with slate roof tiles loosening over time. We’re delighted with the outcome of our new home.”