• Clarence Road – Hale
  • Clarence Road – Hale
  • Clarence Road – Hale

Residential, North West

  • Project Clarence Road Re-Roofing
  • Sector Residential
  • Location North West
  • Tile Product Clay Interlocking Tile
  • RTA Member Sandtoft
  • Clarence Road – Hale
  • Clarence Road – Hale
  • Clarence Road – Hale


James Bros Roofing Contractors, who specialise in the re-roofing of domestic properties using natural slate, clay plain tiles or more modern concrete tiles, selected 20/20 Antique Slate roof tiles to re-roof a home on Clarence Road in Hale, Cheshire.

The customer wanted to find a new tile that had a similar aesthetic look to the original clay tiles but also needed to ensure an economical overall installation cost.


20/20 is a flat interlocking clay plain tile that uses innovative designs to reduce installation costs and completion times.

A ground-breaking feature of the tile, which was previously considered impossible, is that it is guaranteed for use at roof pitches down to 15°, where as traditional plain tiles usually can only go down to 35°.


The job took approximatively 5 weeks to complete with around 7000 tiles being used to cover the residential property, located in the popular Hale area of Cheshire.

The owner of James Bros Roofing Contractors commented: “20/20 is an excellent, aesthetically pleasing alternative to more expensive plain tiles, especially on larger buildings such as this one, where budget must be considered.”